Mattress Protector 100% Waterproof Fitted Up To 17" -24" Deep Pocket Vinyl Free, Hypoallergentic

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WHO IS THIS FOR: Suitable for people with kids, pets, or those with allergies. Protector will save your mattress for years to come by keeping it dry
FITTED SHEET STYLE DESIGN: Protector fits like a fitted sheet. Protector will cling to your bed and provide a tight barrier against everyday elements
MATERIAL: Cotton terry surface with coating reverse. Protector is hypoallergenic. It protects against dust mites, fluids, perspiration, allergens and bacteria
COMFORT: Protector will not jeopardize the comfort of the mattress; you will still enjoy the softness of the mattress. The protector is waterproof; it will not make noise and is incredibly breathable
CARE AND GUARNTEE: Fitted sheet is easily removed and can be machine washed and dried on a low tumble
HONEYMOON HOME FASHIONS creates luxury products for everyday use. The waterproof mattress protector creates a barrier against outside elements to protect the mattress. It is soft and durable creating a shield to cover the integrity of the mattress. The fitted waterproof sheet conceals the entire surface of the mattress and creates a better sleep environment. The material does not make noise as you move throughout the night. It is time to quit damaging your mattress and start protecting it.

Twin size: 39"" x 75"" , fits up to 17"" deep pocket
Full size: 54"" x 75"" , fits up to 17"" deep pocket
Queen size: 60"" x 80"" , fits up to 24"" deep pocket
King size: 76"" x 80"" , fits up to 24"" deep pocket

Material: cotton terry with coating reverse


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